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Having a Great Relationship Works Only Under These 5 Conditions

Tuesday October 13th

Any relationship stands on mutual emotional contribution of both partners. However, when one of the partners fails to do his/her bit in the relationship, then it begins to fall apart. There are cases when a relationship is already split up while partners are living together. Part of a break-up is often associated with people’s inability to understand sensitivities involved in a relationship.

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What Every Child Should Know About Dealing With Parental Criticism?

Monday September 28th

Are you tired of nerve-wrenching nagging of your parents? If yes, then let us tell you that you are not the only victim of parental criticism. There are hundreds of people who go through this ordeal due to lack of any real guidance to tackle this issue.

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8 Best Morning Exercise to Start a Day

Tuesday September 15th

Morning is the time of the day when we have to prepare ourselves for a hectic day. During this part of the day, our body is not active enough to do the hard task ahead. So, the morning exercise is the first thing that should be in your morning agenda.

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The 10 Most Popular Men’s Fashion Items of the Last Decade

Tuesday September 8th

For men, the new millennium brought a new wave of style & fashion. Inarguably, many of the iconic fashion statements were credited with the past decade. Some of them were so funky that they instantly clicked with the masses and became a rage. Most of the fashion in 2000 was either inspired from style of previous era or a fusion of styles belonging to different cultures.

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Ashes 2015: England Lifts the Ashes Urn After Two Years

Thursday August 27th

Ashes 2015 reaches its climax when Australia walked away with a historic victory in the fifth and final test match. The end of Ashes marked a series victory of English team and they got back Ashes trophy after two years.

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Emotional Distance: 6 Reasons Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It

Wednesday August 19th

A marriage without emotional connection is like a body without soul. As a married couple, both wife and husband are emotionally dependent on each other. This primary need of a marital relationship demands both partners to be emotionally available whenever one needs the other. Unfortunately, the scenario of marriages is a bit frustrating owing to lack of emotional attachment between the couple. This scenario is developed when one of the couple fail to emotionally connect with the other.

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6 Best Foods to Boost Immune System

Tuesday August 11th

Do you have a tendency to develop viral diseases, like flu? Catching cold too often is a symptom of a weak immune system. A weak immune system greatly increases proliferation of germs in our body which in turn makes us ill. With a weak immune system, our body lacks the resilience to fight germs resulting in various diseases and disorders, like flu and cold.

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Facts You Should Know About Bengali Saris

Monday August 3rd

Saris are the most celebrated attire for Bangladeshi women who love dressing up for formal affairs. A sari is considered as an exquisite outfit that graces every woman and accentuates her beauty. A Bangladeshi sari is what every woman wants to have in her wardrobe as an essential wear. No wonder so many Bengali women drape saris as primary attire.

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7 Times Bollywood Celebrities Awed the Audience With Their Sense of Style!

Thursday July 9th

Bollywood is a glamorous industry that has an integral connection with our lives. Looking back from 1970s to 2015, there have been so many times when Bollywood celebrities awed us with their sense of style. From sophisticated long-sideburns look of Amitabh Bachchan in Don to chiffon saris of ravishing Madhuri Dixit in Dil To Pagal Hai, Bollywood celebrities has always inspired its fans with their sense of style.

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