7 Times Bollywood Celebrities Awed the Audience With Their Sense of Style!

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Bollywood is a glamorous industry that has an integral connection with our lives. Looking back from 1970s to 2015, there have been so many times when Bollywood celebrities awed us with their sense of style. From sophisticated long-sideburns look of Amitabh Bachchan in Don to chiffon saris of ravishing Madhuri Dixit in Dil To Pagal Hai, Bollywood celebrities has always inspired its fans with their sense of style.

However, there are times when a makeover of a Bollywood actor or actress caused such a mass hysteria that it set a new trend. In today’s Bollywood gossips, BiWi looks at some examples when Bollywood celebrities set new standards in fashion and style:

1.    Bobby Deol’s Colored Glasses In Gupt
This Punjabi brat from the ‘Deol’ family has a knack to everything he does on-screen. Whether it is his famous curly locks in ‘Soldier’ or sophisticated and suave look in ‘Humraaz’, he always made people fall in love with his killer sense of style. His colored glasses in ‘Gupt’ created a rage when he appeared in fiery Bollywood item number ‘Duniya Haseeno ka Mela’ where he flaunted those fancy specs. Even Hrithik Roshan could not resist himself emulating his style which he also confessed in one of his interviews.

2.    Shahrukh Khan’s Pleatless Trousers in Mohabbattein
The baadshah of Bollywood, as he is fondly called, sets new trend in men’s lower wear in his blockbuster film “Mohabbattein” when he appeared with those “pleat-less” trousers as he performs the iconic role of “Raj Aryan”. His sense of fashion in the film made many young boy do a makeover of their sense of style and the “pleat-less” trousers became a rage in India.

3.    Salman Khan Outrageous Hairstyle in Tere Naam
After the King Khan, we have a bratty Khan who has inspired the youth with his outstanding sense of style. The actor is considered as one of the most adored fashion idols from B-Town. Salman Khan has been credited with many fashion statements that became a rage with time. From posing his well-chiseled muscular physique to wearing slim-fit jeans, he always ruled hearts of the audience with his sartorial sense. His outrageous hairdo in ‘Tere Naam’ made his fans go crazy. Those pointed hair trellis became a rage in India and he introduced a new hairstyle in saloon.

4.    Bangla Saris in Devdas
No filmmaker before Sanjay Leela Bhansali ever accentuated beauty of a woman as he did in ‘Devdas’. The exquisitely bordered Bangla Saris looked too hot on the beautiful Madhuri Dixit and Aishwariya Rai. Such was the impact of these saris that it became a common wedding wear in India.

5.    Rani Mukerjee’s Kurtis In Bunty or Bubbly
Remember those flashy kurtis Rani Mukerjee wore in ‘Bunty or Bubbly’. The garment looked so vivacious and youthful that it instantly picked attention of urban girls. The kurti was an instant hit and became an style statement.

6.    Aamir Khan’s Goatee in Dil Chahta Hai
Aamir Khan stunned his fans when he appeared in a goatee look in cult-classic ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. The look was a complete stunner for his fans who never expected it from the nerdy Mr. Perfectionist. His new avatar gained rapid popularity among teenagers. The style was in vogue soon after the release of Dil Chahta Hai.

7.    Body Show of Salman Khan In Pyar Kiya To Darna Kiya
Today many Bollywood actors are often seen shirtless in his movies. However, this trend was first introduced by Salman Khan in his movie ‘Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’. His body show in ‘O O Jaane Jaana’ not only swept his female fans off their feet but got him a huge male following who joined the gym to flex their muscles. Even today, people regard him the pioneer of bodybuilding trend in India.

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