8 Best Morning Exercise to Start a Day

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Morning is the time of the day when we have to prepare ourselves for a hectic day. During this part of the day, our body is not active enough to do the hard task ahead. So, the morning exercise is the first thing that should be in your morning to-do list. Based on your particular body type, there could be number of morning workouts that can help you stay in shape.

BiWi unlocks 8 best morning workouts that will help you get prepared for the day:

1.    Yoga
Yoga exercises are a kind of spiritual exercises that help get away from intrusive thoughts and achieve focus. It is an escape from the outer voices we go through throughout a typical stressful day. Predominantly, it is a healing process that naturally treats your mind, soul and body. As a matter of fact, yoga exercises balance out the energies and makes you feel energetic and healthier making it a desirable workout in early in the morning.

2.    Stretching
Perhaps the most common form of morning workouts, stretching is a kind of warm-up exercise that makes your muscles supple and flexible. The most common mention for stretching includes cat camel stretching, static stretching and dynamic stretching. Stretching is a thing for athletes and sportsmen who need to do strenuous activities in a sport event or competition.

3.    Jogging
Jogging is a high-powered exercise that is more like a steady running. Jogging is an endurance exercise that improves your blood circulation, boosts your mood and improves energy levels which means you will have the optimum stamina to begin your day. A regular jogging of 30 minutes in the morning is sufficient to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

4.    Swimming
Swimming is only exercise which is both fun and beneficial for health. Unlike ground exercises, it puts lesser pressure on your joints and muscles making it a better substitute of ground cardio exercises. Swimming is extremely beneficial for your heart, lungs, muscles and joints.

5.    Push-Up
There is no other best exercise for strengthening your muscles than push-ups. Push-ups involve lying down on floor pushing and pulling your torso while your hands and feet bear the weight of your body. This vigorous workout uses every single muscle of your body from shoulder to toe.

6.    Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks is a simpler and less strenuous exercise for obese people who have an issue with their weight. For those roly-poly fellows, starting a day is like a big challenge to surmount. With jumping jack exercise, they have a better approach to begin a day. It is an effective technique to get rid of burden of weight every obese person has to carry on. A typical jumping jack exercise is like moving your hands and feet away from your body simultaneously and then returning them to starting position. In addition to shedding your weight, it reinforces muscles of your heart and lungs.

7.    Crunches
One of the most common forms of morning workouts, crunches works on your abdomen muscle. Apart from reducing the tummy, it is an effective technique to straightening your back without needing you to use any abdomen exercise equipment. So, if back pain is a thing in your life, you do not have use any costly abdomen exercise equipment  as crunches can help you get rid of the issue once and for all. All you need to do is lie down on a flat surface while bending your knees and then pushing your torso upwards and downwards.

8.    Lunges
Lunges are a part of yoga exercise that works on your quadriceps and hamstrings. It is a kind of weight training exercise that strengthens your thigh muscles and tones their shape. Lunges are best performed in the morning as it is the time when your muscles are stiff and rigid. The exercise involves setting your legs apart while knee is slightly bent in such a way that your front leg is parallel with the ground. You can alternate this exercise and perform 8-12 reps in a daily routine.

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