Emotional Distance: 6 Reasons Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It

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A marriage without emotional connection is like a body without soul. As a married couple, both wife and husband are emotionally dependent on each other. This primary need of a marital relationship demands both partners to be emotionally available whenever one needs the other. However, the scenario of marriages gets a bit frustrating when lack of emotional attachment arises between the couple. This scenario is developed when one of the couple fail to emotionally connect with the other.

Unfortunately, when a marriage suffers from emotional distant, it slowly loses the spark and traps into isolation. To avoid facing the music, you need to follow these guidelines:

1.    Lack of Acceptance
Married couples deprive themselves from emotional connection when they expect their spouse to be in a certain way. Such couples go through pain of emotional distance as one partner is not willing to accept the other.

The first step to build a strong emotional connection begins when you accept your spouse the way he/she is. There is all possibility that your spouse has some weaknesses, but you should still love him/her in order to develop an emotional connection. Once you are able to gain his/her love, you are in a better position to change him/her in a positive way.

2.    Lack of Trust
In a marriage, when you lose trust of your spouse, you lose the relationship. Many of the failed marriages today owe its failure to lack of trust. A marriage filled with doubts cannot stand test of time and ultimately go through the pain of break-up.

Trust is a stepping-stone to making a strong relationship. When you tie the nuptial knot with a person, then it is your moral responsibility to honor that person and allow him/her to live life as he/she wants. You have to show your approval and validation for his/her decisions to gain his/her trust in return.

3.    Communication Gap
Often, couples use isolation as a camouflage to escape from woes of marriage. On the contrary, such a behavior only makes things worse for them. Lack of ineffective communication provides room for misunderstandings, confusion and doubts that in turn creates a communication gap.

Communication gap softly kills a relationship. When couples stop discussing matter of concerns out of fear or out of frustration, they only invite doubts to enter into their lives. To avoid misunderstandings intrude into your life; you need to remove every hurdle of communication in between you and your spouse. Be honest and open about yourself and you will be able to take your relationship to the next level.

4.    Emotional Unavailability
Marriages suffer from loneliness as a result of emotional unavailability of one of the couple. Such a marriage becomes victim of extramarital affair and infidelity. When a partner is left all alone in a relationship, then he/she has no choice but to find another shoulder to cry on.

A husband and wife are like a strong pillar of support for each other, so they should stand by each other when the one feels depressed. Just like happiness, it is equally important that both couple share their pain and woes and be an emotional support in bad times.

5.    Dishonesty
Lies have the potency to kill trust in any relationship. No relationship can flourish under the shadow of lies and deceits. When one partner is not honest in a relationship, he/she will lose the faith of other. As a result, the relationship will lose its credibility with time.

To ensure a deeper connection with your spouse, you need to be open with your spouse regarding everything about your life. You need to take your better-half in confidence about everything even if it costs you embarrassment. Remember that honesty always reinforces the bond of a relationship, while dishonesty only creates a crater.

6.    Loneliness
Most of the marriages end up in divorce due to absence of love. Couples who suffer from lack of love in their marriage tend to isolate emotionally in the relationship. This lack of love makes them feel emotionally alone in the relationship which eventually make them feel lonely.

When a marriage is deprived of a true love, it paves way for loneliness and negativity.  In any relationship, love acts like a magnet that attracts the good in you and repels the bad. To nurture that good person within you, a couple should love each other from the core of their heart.

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