Facts You Should Know About Bengali Saris

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Saris are the most celebrated attire for Bangladeshi women who love dressing up for formal affairs. A sari is considered as an exquisite outfit that graces every woman and accentuates her beauty. A Bengali sari is what every woman wants to have in her wardrobe as an essential wear. No wonder so many Bengali women drape saris as primary attire.

Sari comes in range of style and fabrics. Today, you will find saris in styles that include Tussar Silk, Taant, Jamdani, Baluchari, Murshidabad and Dhakai Jamdani. Let’s take a look at them one-by-one:

One of the most popular and common sari wear, Taant is a type of Bengali Sari that has roots in West Bengal. Earlier made by handlooms, the Taant sari today is woven over powerlooms that give it that subtle precision. Mostly made of cotton threads, Taant sari is worn by majority of women in Indian subcontinent.

Dhakai Jamdani    
Originally manufactured in Dhaka, Dhakai Jamdani is known for its exclusive floral design which got her the name ‘Jamdani’, meaning ‘floral motif’. Typically, it is woven over laborious handlooms which make it a well-crafted and refined piece of clothing for women. The sari style has influences of the Mughals as seen in its fine artistic decoration.

Banarasi Sari
Women wearing Banarasi sari is a common site in Subcontinent India. This sari type is known for its precision of embroidery. Banarasi sari is also known for its rare fabric silk and opulent embroidery work. The sari is woven with fabrics that include materials like silver, golden, silk and zari.  This type of sari is ten times heavier than a Taant. Banarasi Sari is an exclusive outfit that graces a bride on wedding occasions.

Tussar Silk Sari
Made of high-class Tussar Silk, these saris have a class that makes them stand out among others. These saris are known for Tussar silk which is the chief ingredients in its making. Tussar Saris are particularly famous for ‘Kantha’ stitch that many women are seen wearing on party events. This sari adds an element of elegance in beauty of a woman.

Baluchari Sari
Another production of Tussar Silk, a Baluchari Sari is a manifestation of Bengali handicrafts. These saris trace back its roots from Mughal Empire where it was produced in Murshidabad village. With passage of time, the sari has made a huge transformation in terms of style and colors. Today, you will find Baluchari saris in variety of styles and color combination. Most of these saris type depict works of Ramayan and Mahabarata, giving it a sophisticated and graceful look.

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