Having a Great Relationship Works Only Under These 5 Conditions

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Any relationship stands on mutual emotional contribution of both partners. However, when one of the partners fails to do his/her bit in the relationship, then it begins to fall apart. There are cases when a relationship is already split up while partners are living together. Part of a break-up is often associated with people’s inability to understand sensitivities involved in a relationship.

No relationship is split up in a day or two. In fact, it is a build-up of a substantial time period that eventually results in a break up. It is our inability to foresee those factors causing the scenario. Even in a bond like shaadi, you sometime never know until it is too late to survive your divorce.

To ensure a long-lasting company with your partner, it is important that you consider these factors for a successful relationship:

Couples who tend to take each other for granted undervalue a relationship. Such couples gradually develop a sense of detachment and end up losing any emotional connection with each other.

For a happy relationship, it is obligatory for both couples to respect each other’s existence in their life. Both partners should understand and value emotional needs of each other and make sure that everyone is happy in the relationship.

Nagging is one of the reasons couples split up. It is a kind of emotional abuse that leaves one or both of the partners feeling humiliated. Constant fights cause emotional stress and make one or both partners become victim of negativity.

For a successful relationship, it is important to trust and respect each other. When one couple has a tendency to complain over trivial matters, s/he loses respect in eyes of the other. Consequently, the relationship begins to collapse and eventually result in a break up.

When one of the partners unreasonably questions other or when s/he demands validation for actions of the other, then such a relationship paves way to doubts and insecurities. Such a relationship does not stand the test of time and gradually loses emotional attachment.

Trust lays foundation for a strong relationship. Successful couples have faith on each other which reinforce their relationship. For any couple, it is important to believe in their partner and let the person live his/her share of life.

When one partner constantly abuses the other or disrespects his/her family, then s/he gradually loses love in heart of the partner. Similarly, when one of the couples emotionally abuses other, then a sense of respect is lost and such a relationship is devoid of self-respect even if both couples are living together.

For a successful relationship, it is important to have respect for beliefs and values of your partner. Successful couples honor life choices of each other and respect their families. Such a relationship is based on mutual respect and, therefore, lasts longer.

A relationship without love is like a body without soul. When couples are devoid of romantic and beautiful moments, they are only physically living together without any emotional connection. Such a relationship exists only for the sake of it.

Couples who lack love in a relationship fall prey to loneliness. For a successful life, both couples need to spend time being in company of each other. Both the partners should show their love with little cuddling and pampering with each other.

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