The 10 Most Popular Men’s Fashion Items of the Last Decade

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For men, the new millennium brought a new wave of style & fashion. Unarguably, many of the iconic fashion dresses are credited with the past decade. Some of them were so funky that they instantly clicked with the masses and became a rage. Most of the fashion in 2000 was either inspired from style of previous era or a fusion of styles belonging to different cultures.

Some of the fashion dresses in the past decade were so insanely popular that they earned a global following. From cropped T-shirts and low-rise jeans to skinny pants and sneakers, you will find 10 popular fashion items in this list that were a rage in 2000s:

1.    Low-Rise Jeans
First made popular by the pop star Britney Spears, the low-rise jeans were a common fashion trend of early 2000. For its unique style, it attracted the masses and many popular apparel manufacturers (Guess, Levi’s and Armani) followed the mass production after its phenomenal popularity.

2.    Cropped T-Shirt
Cropped T-shirts were a thing of the early 2000. The style was very much in vogue in Sub-continent after Hrithik Roshan flaunted them in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. The tee was short enough to reveal the part of the midriff. For its sultry look, it soon became the most happening thing of the 2000s, especially in Sub-continent.

3.    Flared Jeans
Once a thing of 1960s and 1970s, Flared Jeans (or Bell Bottoms) resurged dominantly as a new fashion phenomenon during the 2000s. Hippies are credited with pioneering the idea of Bell bottoms in mid of 1960s. Soon, it turned out as a popular item of the 1970s. The trend resurrected in second half of the past decade and became a regular wear for men.

4.    Cargo Pants
The predominant era of global war made cargo pants a hot fashion item of the early 2000. Due to its military look, this piece of clothing instantly became a rage. The pants are loosely cut with number of pockets that make it a practical item for the teenagers.

5.    Trucker Hat
Trucker Hat or baseball cap is yet another fashion trend from 2000s. This fashion accessory rose into fame when American actor Ashton Kutcher started wearing it in public. The cotton-made cap earned massive appeal for its style statement and soon it became one of the most fashion asset of the 2000 era.

6.    Studded Belt
Inspired from the Punk style of the 1970s, studded belt was a macho thing for the men. However, it was after 2000 that the belt got much popularity. Often worn over jeans with a pair of long boots, it gave a sturdy look to a man’s style.

7.    Denim Jacket
First made into prominence by Levi’s, Denim Jackets raised in popularity during 2000s. As its name suggests, the jacket was made of denim that gave it that rogue look. Worn in layering over a tee, denim jacket found a regular place in men’s wardrobe during 2000s and still continues the fad.

8.    Aviator Sunglasses
The aviator sunglasses first came under the limelight when American General McArthur posed with them during the World War II. Since then, they have become a regular thing for men. The past decade saw a rapid resurgence in sales of aviator sunglasses and the trend looks no different in this decade as well.

9.    Skinny Ties
First made popular by the Beatles in 1960s, Skinny Ties reemerged in later half of the 2000 as a new version of a standard necktie. Much of its popularity is credited with its narrow design and black color that look exquisite with a suit. Even in the current decade, it is an eye-catching thing of a men’s suit.

10.    Slim-Fit Suit
This is perhaps the best fashion trend of the 2000s. With arrival of exquisite slim-fit suit, those baggy suits have become a thing of the past. These contemporary tailor-made slim-fit suits have now become a new fashion trend for parties and wedding events.

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