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One Service to Finding Your Sikh Wedding: BiWi

A Sikh Wedding is celebrated as “Anand Karaj” to unite two souls in bond of marriage within a Sikh community. However, the event is preceded by search of a matching life partner, which is preferably performed by parents of the boy or girl. This often turns out to be a long-lasting task that causes a great deal of suffering to the parents that sometimes ends up with fruitless results due to unavailability of a perfect Sikh partner. However, BiWi gives an opportunity to find potential bride or groom for your offspring.

BiWi operates as an online matchmaker that provides a link between Sikh people and their compatible match. We have the best matches available from Bangladesh and abroad whom you might find compatible for your son or daughter.

Now, you do not have to worry about a Sikh bride and groom for your son or daughter as BiWi provides you with a one-stop podium for you to search your future daughter-in-law or son-in-law. We invite parents to make a profile of their beloved son and daughter and check with our available candidates for their Sikh wedding.

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